Belly Dance

Hipnosis Tribal Belly Dance Studio – “Tribal Belly Dance can help you discover and appreciate the strength, grace, and beauty of your body no matter your age, shape, or size.” Hipnosis is an American Tribal Style belly dance troupe from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

Tribal Style belly dance is a fusion style inspired by traditional Raqs Sharqi and folkloric dance movements from India, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Spain.  This dance is performed as a “tribe” using synchronized group improvisation.  Group improvisation is one of the features that make this dance style so unique – the dance itself becomes a language that the dancers use to communicate with each other while dancing, allowing seamless transitions and giving the appearance of a choreographed dance.  The moves in Tribal Style belly dance are controlled and earthy portraying the strength and beauty of the dancers.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this dance is the camaraderie that develops between dancers from working so closely in an improvisational setting.  Each dancer learns to communicate through body language and is mentally aware of her partners at all times.Belly dance is a celebration of the strength and beauty of women; a dance of the women for the women.