Todd Zabelski

Todd Zabelski

Fitness Trainer


Phone: (215) 385-2589
Certifications: BA Human Biology – NPTI Certified and Nutrition Consultant
Bio: My name is Todd Zabielski. I have been personal training in the Bucks County /Philadelphia area for over 35 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts in human biology from Temple University. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and nutrition consultant through the National Personal Training Institute. This is an accredited 500 hour trainer certification through which I was also faculty.

I started Xcel Fitness Consulting, inc. many years ago in order to service the people who live and work in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas. Xcel Fitness Consulting is a holistic approach to improving physical fitness. It’s certified professionals help you analyze the three major components of physical fitness (Nutritional Fitness, Cardiovascular Fittness and Muscular Fitness) and give you a clear blueprint to success that is easy and fun. With only three times per week our motivated trainers will guarantee a significant change in your Fitness level in as little as 30 days. So stop spinning your wheels. And get the results you wanted today!
If you are serious about getting two years of results in just two months, lose 10 lb of fat in your first month and not starve yourself and learn how to maintain this great shape, give us a call at 215-385-2589.